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Learning for Life

Welcome to Hambledon Public School

At Hambledon we provide:

An enriched learning environment of challenge, engagement and 
•    A focus on developing the whole child
•    Positive behaviour programs which foster social responsibility
     and promote values
•    A welcoming and inclusive school which attaches importance to
     strong partnerships with parents and the wider community



Latest News

  • On Friday there wasn't much space left in our playground. We had so many Dads and Grandfathers visiting for this wonderful annual breakfast. Thank you to Miss Telfer and her amazing team for their hard work. Thank you to everyone who came and participated in this very special occasion which our students look forward to with much anticipation.
  • Thank you to the many grandparents and visitors who attended our parade and open classrooms today. We had orders for 370 sausages and ended up serving 550 sausages.
  • "Lighting the way to a better world"is this years Education Week theme and our students and staff certainly shone today. Classrooms beamed with energy and excitement about learning. Our performance groups then glowed as they performed for our students, families and visitors. Thank you for supporting this very special day.

Hambledon Public School

Bali Drive, Quakers Hill NSW 2763

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